Dansens Dager

Foto: Sigrun Drivdal Johnsen

Dansens Dager 2024 will be celebrated from April 26th to 28th!

What is Dansens Dager?

Dansens Dager is a shared celebration for dancers of all levels and genres. Across traditional divides of age, skill level, and dance style, we come together to showcase diversity, enthusiasm, and love for dance. DansiT takes this opportunity to highlight the breadth and activity of the dance community in Central Norway. We do this by promoting activities and events that will be featured on our website during these days and by promoting this celebration as a region-wide event.


In 1982, the International Dance Committee – ITI, UNESCO established International Dance Day as a celebration of all dance. Their aim for this day is to have dance artists worldwide focus on all forms of dance, celebrate the art form, and cross all political, cultural, and ethnic boundaries. The day is set on April 29th, the birthday of the French dancer Jean-Georges Noverre (1727-1810), who is considered the founder of modern ballet. Dansens Dager has been celebrated in Norway since 1999 and has developed into a multi-day event. Danseinformasjonen is the national coordinator for Dansens Dager in Norway.

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