DansiT manages and operates its own dance production facilities located in the area Svartlamon in Trondheim. The production facilities consist of a dance studio with audio and lighting equipment, a small storage area, changing rooms, and a shared office space.

The dance studio is used by dance artists in production and is also suitable for small performances or showings of works in progress.

DansiT also offers office space for active dance artists.

For inquiries regarding DansiT’s production facilities, please contact DansiT’s administration.

Schedule for the studio


Technical specifications

  • Size: 135 m2 (9 x 15 m)
  • Height: 2,96 m
  • 12 m mirror wall with white curtain
  • Black molton to cover the walls
  • Sound and light equipment available
  • Dance mats with black or white surface
  • A small storage area to use during rehearsals in the studio
  • Toilets and two dressing rooms with showers

Daytime activities

During daytime, the premises are used by choreographers and companies producing dance performances. Artists can apply for residencies for longer project periods. Members of DansiT and other dance artists associated with Trondheim and Mid-Norway, as well as funded productions, are given priority, but all professional dance and performing artists working with choreography/dance can apply.

Between production periods, the members of DansiT use the space for training, choreography work, pre-projects and experimentation.

The studio is also used for courses, workshops, PRODA (professional dance training) and other dance-related activities.

Residency PRODA

Evening and weekend activities

In the evenings the studio is used for different dance and movement activities.

It is possible to rent the studio both for evening classes and weekend workshops.

Dance activities