In addition to residencies and the production of dance performances, the dance studio is used for various dance and movement activities for both adults and children. Some offers are run by or in collaboration with DansiT, and some are independent organizations.


Danselaboratoriet is the perfect place to experiment, explore, and create contemporary dance in a collaborative and supportive environment. It’s open to professional and amateur dancers of all backgrounds and abilities, and the work is based on improvisation, partner work, choreography, and discussion.

Danselaboratoriet is composed of adult professional and amateur dancers with different functional variations and is run by DansiT. Artistic director is Ingeborg Dugstad Sanders.

Mondays between 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

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Grupo Uniao Capoeira Trondheim

Capoeira is a combination of martial arts, play, and dance with roots in Afro-Brazilian culture. Music and rhythm provide a catchy framework for Capoeira. A “capoeirista” is playful, agile, and strong – and so will you be!

The trainers are Anna Rongen, Anders Pettersen, Max Keppler, and Jonas Langset Hustad.

Beginners are always welcome. Try a drop-in class!

Mondays – 20.30 – 22.00
Wednesdays – 19.15 – 21.15

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Rabalderdans offers creative dance and movement classes for preschool-aged children.

You can register on a weekly basis via Eventbrite.

Through guided improvisation and exercises, we explore different types of music, play with movement, and discover what we can do with our bodies. Movement and dance – “the language of the body” – are the focus of our play and interaction.

Children can wear their regular clothes, and it’s great if they can be barefoot. Adults are welcome to dance along with the children.

Rabalderdans is funded by Bufdir and run by DansiT.

Tuesdays – 17.00 – 17.45

Doors open at 16:50 so there is time to get settled. The dance activity starts at 17:00 and lasts for 30-40 minutes.

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Samtidsdans for voksne

A course where you will get familiar with several techniques and aspects of contemporary dance. We work with various dance tasks, exercises and phrases. The classes provide an opportunity to develop your movement language and give a better understanding of movement and anatomy of the body.

Suitable for intermediate to advanced level. Information on prices and registration can be found on the Facebook page. Drop-ins are also possible. The course is taught in English/Norwegian by Anna Thu Schmidt and Andrea Finsnes.

Tuesdays – 20.15-21.45



Energydance are liverating simple exerscises to great 80´- 90´s music!

We dance with bare feet!

Energydance gives you a lot of energy and makes your body happy and warm! Passionate and fee is the trademark of this dance!

You don’t need to be good at dancing, you just need to like it!

“- and I KNOW you will love it!

Thursdays 19:30-21:30

Continuous sign-up, DROP IN is also possible

Send SMS to +47 950 77450

Instructor: Siv Therese Iversen

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PRAXIS Trondheim

PRAXIS Trondheim is an initiative by and for dance artists based in Trondheim, inspired by PRAXIS Oslo. By sharing artistic practices through weekly classes and workshops, PRAXIS offers a platform for exchange, discussion, and movement exercises. PRAXIS is also open to experienced movement practitioners from disciplines other than dance.

PRAXIS Trondheim is organized by Karoline Bergh Ellingsen, Gunhild Løhre, Anna Thu Schmidt and Nina Wollny.

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ImproDans Trondheim

ImproDans Trondheim aims to offer an open, free, and safe space for movement and sound exploration based on dance, music, and contact improvisation for artists from all disciplines, as well as movement and sound enthusiasts in Trondheim. The project consists of three parts: ImproJam, ImproLab, and ImproStunt.

ImproJam is improvisational dance for adults, and no previous experience is required. Participants can dance as much as they want, and the class begins with a guided warm-up followed by jamming. Here, you can explore movements alone or with others. Different bodies with different experiences come together to dance, and we are inspired by each other’s creativity and love for dance.

ImproLab offers workshops in improvisational dance with a special focus on the intersection between movement and music, so that participants can move in and out of the roles of musicians and dancers. The events start with a guided workshop by dance artist Anna Thu Schmidt in collaboration with invited musicians, followed by an open jam.

ImproJam og ImproLab The course is taught in English/Norwegian by Anna Thu Schmidt. The events at DansiT are free

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