Extended program

Foto: Arne Hauge

DansiT provides facilities for presenting dance art in various formats and phases of the artistic process. Learn more about our platforms below.

Studio presentations

DansiT regularly organizes open studio presentations of projects developed in our production facilities or process presentations of smaller formats. Information about upcoming presentations is posted continuously. Do you have a project you want to show to an audience?

Please contact ingeborg(at)dansit.no. Requests are processed continuously.


DansiT also collaborates with other presentation platforms, such as Kulturnatt Trondheim, Svartlamodagen, Trondheim Open, Vin & Valsen, and Rosendal Teater’s Mørkerommet.

Site-specific projects

DansiT initiates and participates in various projects that take place outside the traditional stage space, for example; in gallery spaces, museums, stores, in nature or urban spaces.

Flekk and Flekker

Flekk and Flekker is a project initiated by dance artist and choreographer Yaniv Cohen in collaboration with Dansens Hus, Carte Blanche, and DansiT. Flekk emerged as a response to the lockdown of society due to the COVID-19 pandemic with the goal of spreading joy of dance to children in a challenging time. During 2020, Flekk appeared as a dancing surprise for children celebrating birthdays in a strange time around the country. Now the project has developed, and Flekk has become a vibrant group of Flekker who can appear as an even bigger dancing surprise at kindergartens in Trondheim, Oslo, Kristiansand, and Bergen!

Flekk 2020 Trondheim: Karoline Bergh Ellingsen and Gunhild Løhre
Flekker 2021 and 2022 Trondheim: Anna Thu Schmidt, Marie Rechsteiner, Michael Aspli, Gunhild Løhre

Åpen Scene for Dans

Åpen Scene for Dans is a presentation platform where dance artists can show work-in-progress or shorter, finished choreographies. It is an arena for trying out ideas and getting feedback and new impulses for the further development and completion of dance projects. It is a meeting place where dance artists have the opportunity to meet, share their work and viewpoints, and discuss dance. At the same time, Åpen Scene is a venue for audiences who are curious about what is happening in dance regionally and nationally. Åpen Scene for Dans also includes Åpen Scene Ung, where young, inexperienced dancers are given the opportunity to show their own work and make contact with the professional dance field. Since 2018, Åpen Scene for Dans has been replaced by an increased number of local co-productions and collaborations.