DansiT engages in a range of co-production and collaborative initiatives on local, national, and international scales, offering support and resources to professional dance artists and companies. As a co-producer, DansiT provides production assistance, studio time, residency opportunities at the Husly Artist Residency, artistic guidance, producer assistance, logistical support, and assistance with the presentation of performances and projects.

Requests for co-production should be directed to:
arnhild(at)dansit.no & ingeborg(at)dansit.no

Local co-production

DansiT initiates and participates in local co-productions each year, producing performances/projects with the aim of strengthening the professional dance community in the region. It is a requirement that the productions involve one or more dance artists with local ties when requesting such collaborations.


Løhre/Wieczorek: Body to dance

– ImproDans Trondheim: ImproStunt på Rotvoll kunstnerkollektiv

– Y to C – Yaniv Cohen: Flekker

– Anna Thu Schmidt: How to read water #4

– Teig/With: Re-form (forprosjekt)


Local co-production from earlier years


– Guo/Løhre/Schmidt – Quantum Entanglement #2

– Aspli / Hoang / Rechsteiner / Schmidt: Byen i bevegelse

– ImproDans Trondheim: ImproStunt høst 2021 & vår 2022

– Schmidt/Ellingsen: How to read water #3

– Y to C – Yaniv Cohen – Flekker

– Jenny Beyer / Nina Wollny / Chris Leuenberger: DEUX

– Kompani Morell: FORELSKA!


– Guo/Løhre/Schmidt: Quantum Entanglement

– Løhre/Wieczorek: Solidarność / Solidaritet

– Michael Aspli: Forest within  



– Teater og dans bak murene: Innenfra og Ut

– Buxbom & Palmer: Deceptive Cadence

– Kompani Trondheim: Tråd

2018 Panta Rei Danseteater – Det vi ikke ser

2017  Y to C – Yaniv Cohen – You look like you

2016 Husby/Kittelsen – Svisj Svosj

2015 Mari Bø – Den dansende veggen

2014 Kompani Trondheim – Cme

2013 Emilie B. Thun – LULLABIES for those who cannot sleep