DansiT offers residency for dance artists, choreographers and companies that work with dance and choreography.

Dance artists in residence may use DansiT’s production facilities. DansiT also contributes with some administrative and artistic assistance when needed. Residency guests also get access to use DansiT’s technical equipment, and we can book technical staff for rigging, design and technical execution if the production has its own funds for this.

DansiT can also offer housing in the Husly Artist Residency, vis à vis DansiT’s premises. Read more about Husly below.

In connection with the residencies, DansiT regularly organizes open studio sharings. In some cases we can go into a more extensive co-production.


DansiT has welcomed dance artists in residence since the premises at Svartlamon opened in 2009. The residency program has resulted in many new and exciting dance productions both in central Norway and the rest of the country. In addition, the program provides for exchange with the international dance community.

Many artists wish to return after the end of their residency period, and highlight the good concentration opportunities provided by DansiT’s production premises, and the creative and relaxing environment at Svartlamon.

See the bottom of the page for information on current artists in residence and their projects.


Applications and questions should be sent to ingeborg(at)dansit.no. Applications are processed on an ongoing basis, so there is no deadline.

Do you want to apply for residency at DansiT? We need the following information:

  1. Short project description
  2. The form of the project and target group (production, research project, for children etc.)
  3. Short bio for artist / company / artistic team
  4. Financing plan
  5. Specification of the desired period of time for the residence (see calendar)
  6. If accommodation in Husly is needed

The studio available to residence guests from 9 – 16 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and 12 – 19 Wednesday and Friday. At weekends (Fri-Sun) there are no permanent tenants, but the studio is often rented out for workshops. Specify whether it is desirable to use the studio at the weekend.

Residence guests at DansiT can participate free of charge at PRAXIS and PRODA. Let us know if you wish to teach PRODA, or to take part in or teach the Dance Laboratory and the Dance Theatre.

It is possible for us to reserve a residency and provide a letter of intent to go with your application. In the case that you do not get funding the residency can be cancelled or postponed.

Calendar for the studio

Husly Artist Residency

Husly Artist Residency is an ecological art project created by artists Vigdis Haugtrø and Jan de Gier. The house can be described as a “cottage in the city”, and is suitable for those who like cottage activities such as fetching water, using a wood stove and having a “non-in-house bathroom”.

Husly Artist Residency is centrally located on Svartlamon, with immediate proximity to DansiT’s production facilities, grocery store and Ramp Pub & Spiseri.

Husly has an open solution with a n open kitchen and living room are with a double sofa-bed on the first floor, and a mezzanine/loft with a double bed. Loose mattresses are also accessible.

Electricity is mainly used for lighting. The kitchen contains a refrigerator, kettle and two hobs that run on propane. For heating, the use of the wood stove is encouraged, which provides a good and cozy warmth in the house. It is also possible to use the hob on the wood stove for cooking.

Water is collected in the changing room at DansiT and stored in a practical water container. The entrance to the cloakroom is right next to Husly, and here you can also shower and use the toilet, bathroom, shower and washing machine.

Due to the staircases Husly is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible. In the case that you need accessible accommodation we can find suitable alternatives.

More about Husly