Extended program Full program Multiplié Dance Festival
Rosendal Kafé
Late night
Saturday 13. April 2024 - kl.12:00
Saturday 13. April 2024 - kl.13:00
Saturday 13. April 2024 - kl.20:00
Thursday 18. April 2024 - kl.21:30
Friday 19. April 2024 - kl.20:00
Saturday 20. April 2024 - kl.21:00

Every night after the shows, we will be gathering, hanging out and partying at Rosendal Kafé. Come and join us for good chats, great food and amazing drink offers!

We especially recommend the following evenings in the café:

— Saturday 13. April 

– 12:00: Lunch Beat and lunch

We open Multiplié Dance Festival 2024 with an hour of dancing led by DJ BØREK. We will offer some light lunch free of charge.


DJ BØREK is not only a sought-after club DJ but also a cornerstone in the Trøndelag hip-hop scene. With roots as a rapper and beatmaker from G.O.D.S, he has been a force for years, serving as an ambassador for quality hip-hop in the city. Renowned for his eclectic mix of hip-hop, spanning from old school to new school, he delivers energetic performances and, notably, possesses the skill to read the crowd and play the right music at the right time.

– 13:00 – 17:00: RAW kafé XL

RAW Dance Studiotajes over Rosendal Teater and Rosendal Kafé with dance and music!

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– 21:00 – 00:00: Double celebration!

In the opening party, we will celebrate both the start of Multiplié Dance Festival 2024 and that it is 20 years since the first festival! Prance to the dancefloor as the beautiful and unique dancer you are and show us your moves. The celebration is in collaboration with RAW Dance Studio.

DJ Hi-Lo / RAW Dance Studio

DJ Tomas “Hi-Lo” Vikeland, a dancer and music enthusiast from Trondheim, who is running RAW Dance Studio, a place where rhythm and movement bring students together and fosters community. Whether spinning tunes at private parties, local dance events, or his club concept, Raise Your Vibration, Hi-Lo has made a mark in the music scene. Driven by a goal to promote music and dance not only as art forms but also as powerful tools for healing, his aim is to make them accessible and recognized healing methods in society.

— Thursday 18. April 20:00

After the DansiT saloon in Rosendal Kafé, DJ Kitty Amore will take over the evening with Dance karaoke. You don’t know what that is? Come and check it out!

DJ Kitty Amore 

Always celebrating the intercultural rhythm of love, community and the ecstatic body. Improvising in the liquid of eclectic world rhythms. With the mission to ignite the dancing hip, with a wild card of mischief and joy – playing for the purpose to bring people together

— Friday 19. April 20:00

The durational performance Cosmetic Demons by Sindri Runudde takes place 20:00-23:00 in Rosendal Kafé. After the performance DJ Andreas Tilliander will transition us into a proper friday night party mood!

DJ Andreas Tilliander

During the 1990s, Andreas Tilliander explored electronic music as a hobby, but it became his profession around the turn of the millennium. He created minimalist ambient and dub music released on esteemed record labels such as Raster-Noton and Mille Plateaux, while also experimenting with technopop, resulting in a Swedish Grammy in 2005. Tilliander has toured extensively around the world, performing at clubs in cities like Tokyo, Ibiza, and New York, as well as at iconic techno venues like Berghain and Tresor in Berlin. The last time Tilliander visited Trondheim was when he performed live house music as “the other guy” in Johan T Karlsson’s solo project Familjen. The music we’ll hear at Rosendal Kafé is a fusion of all these influences, so expect an eclectic and exciting DJ set!

— Saturday 20. April 21:00

 Final festival party! Come and join us and dance with us when we celebrate the end of Multiplié Dance Festival 2024 with DJ Freij!

DJ Freij

Freij is a DJ and producer known for his energetic DJ sets. He has previously performed at clubs and festivals such as Blå,  by:Larm, and Pstereo, where he often brings a rich blend of various genres, including deconstructed techno, ambient, and a slight hint of 90s trance.