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Rosendal Kafé
Thursday 18. April 2024 - kl.20:00
Saturday 25. May 2024 - kl.16:30

In autumn 2023, DansiT started the DansiT salon concept, which consists of conversations and interdisciplinary meetings with and between artists, followed by a time and space to dance together. In the salon, we dive into the artists’ strong commitments to specific interests, themes or issues. The salons are a bit like a delicious spice in the season, and we look forward to chatting and dancing with all of you people who occasionally want a professional, versatile and sociable top-up through the season.

Spring salons:

Do we still need to break the norm? – Multiplié session

Thursday 18th of April 2024 in Rosendal Café at 20:00

Our first DansiT-salon autumn 2023 focused on the report “Artist – an accessible profession?”. To follow up we use this occasion to consider the status of the dance field 20 years after the founding of Multiplié dance festival, and invite one of the founders of the festival and a group of this year’s artists to talk about their dance and choreographic practices which could be identified as breaking or challenging the norm. How do different artists find a way to practice their art, in a dance field that is still relatively underrepresented by diverse bodies and practices?

The event takes place in English, and is sign language interpreted in Norwegian.

Bodily climate crisis

Saturday 25th of May at Rosendal Kafé kl 16:30

The choreographer and dancer Geir Hytten has made performances about ecological grief and community. He is engaging with the idea of environmental commitment inside the four walls of the performing arts through aesthetics, and asks himself: How can the body be a place and a measurement for aesthetic reflections in the face of today’s climate challenges? How can the body itself produce knowledge and be a place for debate? 

We have invited Geir to hold a salon on bodily environmental commitment, and how it can be developed and unfolded practically, politically and personally.

The conversation is sign language interpreted in Norwegian.