Children and youth program Extended program Full program Multiplié Dance Festival Workshops and talks
Rosendal Kafé, Rosendal Teater
3 hours 30 min
Saturday 13. April 2024 - kl.13:00

Dive into a world of dance at RAW Kafé XL – a day filled with rhythmic magic and community. Take the step, follow the rhythm, and find your place on the dance floor!

Become part of RAW Kafé XL, a unique fusion of street dance and club dance, aimed at anyone passionate about movement. The day will be filled with a great variety of dance activities, from fierce dance shows to engaging workshops and battles, in a rich mix of dance styles such as dancehall, hip hop, breaking, locking, shuffling, and house. You are invited to not only observe but immerse yourself in the culture of street dance.

The goal of RAW Kafé XL is to create a space where dance enthusiasts can come together and share their love of dance across all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels. RAW Rhythms offer an inclusive arena for learning, exploring, and of course, lots of fun, whether you are a beginner or an experienced street dancer. 

This project isn’t just about dance, but also about building a supportive community. RAW Kafé XLrepresents hope of a better world where we celebrate our shared humanity through the art of movement. We firmly believe in the power of dance to unite people, break barriers, and create lasting bonds. 

Come and experience the magic of RAW Kafé XL at the Multiplié Dance Festival

RAW Dance Studio is also celebrating the Festival Opening Party in the evening!

Space for recreation & relaxation
On the second floor there will be offered guided relaxation sessions, where participants can restore their energy. This is important to maintain a good balance between all the activities throughout the day.

Prevention of injuries and movement lab
There will be a physiotherapist at the event to both give information on how to prevent injuries and give tips on how to move in healthy ways.


RAW Dance Studio:
Ole Bjørn Segtnan Soldal, Kasper Løberg Dahl, Marie Olsen-Bye, Julian Forsbakk, Anita Vikeland, Emmy Nicole Bentzen, Mina Skjervheim & Trine Kjøsnes

Groups attending:
Battle-trening 2+3 – 13+ år, Break 2 – 13+ år, Hip Hop 3 – 13+ år (Marie), Hip Hop 3 – 13+ år (Trine), Shuffling 2 – 13+ år, Show/video 3 – 13+ år, Locking 3 – 13+ år