Full program Multiplié Dance Festival Performances
Pay what you can 75kr – 250kr
Rosendal Teater - Sal 1
1 hour
Saturday 13. April 2024 - kl.19:00 Billetter
Sunday 14. April 2024 - kl.19:00 Billetter

Accessibility; Audio Description

The performance Saturday 13. April 19:00 will have a Audio Description in Norwegian

Audio Description:
Audio description interprets the visual information typically received through the sense of sight. It describes and informs about who is present, what is happening, body language, nonverbal communication, and the visual aspects and placements in relation to each other. The audio describer collaborates with the company to agree on language/concepts, mood, and other elements.

A gentle revolution that speaks to the heart

My Body My Home is a unique collaboration between DansiT by Danselaboratoriet and, Danseteateret, DansiT and 71BODIES by Daniel Mariblanca.

Danselaboratoriet consists of a group of people with both physical and learning disabilities and Danseteateret is formed with seniors over the age of 65.

Daniel Mariblanca of 71BODIES has created a commissioned /choreographic work combining these two groups. This work has been created together with around 30 dancers from Danselaboratoriet and Danseteateret, ranging in age from 24 to 89 years old. The richness of My Body My Home is centered and inspired by the great diversity in backgrounds, life experiences, bodies, physicalities, gender, age and mobility functions, etc. in the two companies.

Being part of a minority can generate stress and isolation, facing micro and macro discrimination on a daily basis. This can manifest in various forms in life; accessibility, job opportunities, representation (or lack thereof), institutional paternalism, ableism, tokenism, among others. Therefore, in My Body My Home focuses on creating artistic strategies to generate collective power – because we are stronger together. 

“We focus on the beauty that exists in every single individual; a beauty that is unique and should not be taken for granted. Living in a society with clear beauty standards, we feel excluded from this rigid frame.

My body My home is created from within the margins thus shifting the perspective of beauty and what beauty can be – from the inside. The body is our main tool to express important matters. The body and the expression of dance is at the core of this production. We will let the body speak.

This project is an invitation to the audience to become our allies, to experience deep ways of expressing tenderness, courage, love, friendship, affection, and beauty. This is our revolution! A gentle revolution that speaks to the heart.


ChoreographerDaniel Mariblanca
Co-Creating DancersAleksandra Teresa Szefler, Alex Haugen, Andrea Winsnes, Anne Marit Ligaard, Astrid Loe Johansen, Barbro Lindeberg, Cathrine Churchill, Didrik Austmo Pedersen, Elen Øyen, Emily Colton, Gunhild Løhre, Hanne Brandhaug, Inger Johanne Tangen, Inger Nestvold, Kjersti Marie Kvam, Kristine Iris Gjøvikli-Drysdale, Liv- Karin Alm, Margit Ryum, Nikolai Krogtoft Grøtte, Randi Iversen, Shereen Khachik, Susanne Braad Andersen, Urszula Borowiec, Vibeke Meland
Original MusicPer Platou
Other Music“Music for a While”, Z. 583 – Henry Purcell (Performed by The King’s Singers & Jakub Józef Orliński), “Rave” – Sam Paganini, “Dal cielo cader vid’io due stelle” – Luigi Rossi (Performed by L’Arpeggiata & Jakub Józef Orliński)
Light Design71BODIES i samarbeid med Thomas Bruvik
A big thanks toAlex Wille, Alison Sippel, Allan Krill, Anna Thu Schmidt, Jean Baptiste Baele, May Lisa Bolkan
Produced by:DansiT og 71BODIES
Supported by:Norsk Kulturråd

About the artists

71BODIES is a transgender inclusive dance and performance company based in Bergen, Norway. Created by Daniel Mariblanca in 2016, the company continues to naturally evolve in a sustainable way whereby one project inspires the other and the next and so on. A core intention of the company is to work with/in marginalized communities; in particular communities where the body is at the center of the discussion.