Residency week 12 / 2024

CARRY-ON! is a performance work that involves many bags which two dancers interact and dance together with. It’s an exploration of how to carry all the luggage. It’s also about how to listen, tune in and try to follow the directions the bags pull the performers towards. How do we carry? What do we carry with us? Who carries whom?

This duo version of ‘CARRY-ON!’ is a collaboration between Julia and Ida, which departed from the Bachelorproject of Ida. During the residency at DansiT they will bring another perspective onto the work and see how it unfolds with two moving bodies. 

Farget fotografi fra perrong på Trondheim Sentralstasjon. Fremst i bildet står kunstnerne. Til venstre er Julia Müllner iført svart jakke og et blått skjerf som er lagt rundt hodet som et skaut, med knute rundt halsen og henger nedover brystet. En kort brun pannelugg stikker frem under skautet. Blikket ser i kameralinsen, mildt og lett smilende. Til høyre er Ida Mariboe Nielsen lett fremoverlent. Hun smiler stort og har smilende øyne. Hun har lyst hengende hår og en lys caps på hodet. Gul singlet og beige oversized bukse. Ansiktet er vendt mot kamera, men blikket er sidestilt i bildet. Til venstre i bildet et mørkt tog. Til høyre i bildet en høy murvegg og et blått skilt med hvit skrift hvor det står Trondheim S. Bak kunstnerne masse bagasje som koffert og bager. 

ENG: Colored photograph from the platform at Trondheim Central Station. At the forefront of the picture are the artists. On the left is Julia Müllner wearing a black jacket and a blue scarf that is placed around her head, with a knot around her neck and hanging down her chest. A short brown bang sticks out from under the hood. The gaze looks into the camera lens, gently and slightly smiling. On the right, Ida Mariboe Nielsen is leaning slightly forward. She smiles widely and has smiling eyes. She has light hanging hair and a light cap on her head. Yellow singlet and beige oversized trousers. The face is turned towards the camera, but the gaze is sideways in the picture. On the left in the picture a dark train. To the right of the picture, a high brick wall and a blue sign with white lettering that says Trondheim S. Behind the artists, a lot of luggage such as suitcases and bags.

Ida and Julia holds two different showings of their project during the residency week:

A work in progress on Thursday 21th of March from 10 – 11am at DansiT / Svartlamon.
Please let DansiTs producer Betty know if you are coming: / 92435225

Performance on Friday 22rd of March from 7pm at Gallery Blunk at Svartlamon.

About the artists

Ida Mariboe Nielsen (b. 1997) (she, her), 3rd year student at the Bachelor in Fine Arts at Trondheim Art Academy, Norway. Erasmus exchange The University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria and at L’École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts Paris Cergy, France. Bachelor in Dance and Choreography (2020) at The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark.

instagram: @idamariboe

Julia Müllner (she/her) is a dancer and choreographer based in Vienna. She works on solo projects and with the performance group maria mercedes. In 2019 she graduated from the Danish National School of Performing Arts. Performance works have been shown at: brut, Tanzquartier and WUK Vienna, as well as in gallery settings in Zagreb, Cologne and Kyoto. 

instagram: @juli.muellner