Residence week 5 & 6 / 2024

Altered states of ego is a solo project by Marie Rechsteiner that explores the development of an alternative personality, an alter ego that can fearlessly stand in an unpleasant reality.

The solo is the product of a longer artistic exploration around the solo’s potential, the inherent expression of the body and mind, and the development of an alternative identity.

The project alternates between utopia/dystopia, body/mind and between language/movement. An alternative reality is created, an escapism from the unpleasant realities of everyday life. A way for the individual to navigate a larger whole, and a space to explore inner conflicts. The project was first shown at Berlin Art Week in September 2023 as part of a “triple bill”. In the residency, Marie will continue her work with further exploration and the goal of developing an all-evening solo.

About the artist

Marie Rechsteiner is a Norwegian dance artist, based between Trondheim and Berlin. She graduated from the University of Stavanger in 2012 with a Bachelor in dance, and has a Master in Dance Studies from NTNU. She has been engaged as a performer in a number of performances and collaborative projects, in addition to developing her own choreographic practice. A large part of her work is of an interdisciplinary nature, where movement is combined with sound art, video projections, objects and site-specific, improvised interaction. Thematically, her work revolves around current social issues and looks at how society’s discourses are manifested in the body and can be seen in the choreographic work. As a performer, she has worked with, among others, Malin Bülow, Cirka Teater, Øyvind Jørgensen/Hege Gabrielsen, Yaniv Cohen, Jasper Siverts, Yasen Vaslilev, CrotonicX, With/Teig, Benoit Maubrey, Incorpo/Raffaella Galdi, Yan Leiva, Christian Falsnaes and Alexandra Pirici. She has also been part of the collaborative project Yngvesson/Rechsteiner. She is one of the founders of the studio collective Garage – Werkstatt für Darstellende Künste, a production and display arena for the free field in Berlin.

Supported by

The project is supported by Trondheim Municipality’s Founder’s Grant and Fund for Performing Artists.