Full program Multiplié Dance Festival Performances
Rosendal Kafé
1 hour
Friday 24. March 2023 - kl.22:00

Be seduced, moved and touched by the legendary drag king group Gutta

With Reality and the Real – The Late Night Show, the drag king group Gutta offers the audience an insight into how the world actually works. They challenge what an aesthetic experience can be. They stretch and bend the public’s understanding of art. Gutta are ready to give you everything you didn’t know you wanted.

Gutta will open up all your channels; both intellectually, emotionally, aesthetically and sexually.                                                                                          

They invite the audience to enter into a deep, soft, warm and wet state, where you can get in contact with your innermost desires and get to know new sides of yourself. Together we shall all expand our awareness so that the boundaries between us dissolve.

Gutta will set the mood for the evening with sublime knowledge and insane moves. After the show, they will play a shameless dj-set and create the city’s hottest dance floor.

The performance is part of Multiplié Dance Festival 2023

https://www.gutta.world / FB: @showguttaboys  / Insta: @guttaoslo


Gutta: Larry (Lærke Grøntved), Robin (Ann-Christin Kongsness), RichHard (Josephine Kylèn Collins)

Musician: Ørjan (Ragnhild Nelvik Bruseth)

Sound technician: Ketil (Kari-Helene Blystad)

Photo: Ingeborg Bjerke Styve