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Rosendal Kafé
45 min
Sunday 24. September 2023 - kl.13:00

The band Tullkattesnutene would like to get out there, into the world and play for children, young and old!

A part of the children’s festival LÆVEN!

Kirsti Huke and Siri Gjære play music for children and adults of all ages and have also pondered a lot lately about how everything is connected – you too!? Yep, as we thought. There’s a lot we don’t know and that’s okay, too! Maybe, maybe, maybe we’ll also have a guest with us, but we don’t know for sure yet, so we can’t reveal that! And we’re releasing a record these days, so we’d like to celebrate that with you!

Tullkattesnutene is simply good music that Huke and Gjære like and make themselves; for children, for adults, for all kinds of people. The musicians put it like this:

We love playing for an audience with children in it, because we have a lot to learn from each other and because music is a limitless and ageless language, which binds us together and which touches and moves.  

Kyrre Laastad is a special guest at the concert with Tullkattesnutene.

The concert will be interpreted in sign language.


Composition, lyrics and performing musicians:Kirsti Huke, Siri Gjære & Kyrre Laastad
Photo:Lena Knutli