Children and youth program Full program Performances
Pay what you can 75kr – 250kr
Rosendal Teater - Sal 1
45 min
Sunday 24. September 2023 - kl.11:00 Billetter
Sunday 24. September 2023 - kl.14:30 Billetter

The performance at 14:30 is relaxed and sesnory friendly

Manndýr is a participative performance and includes a part where children can play freely with objects and part of the scenography. In the relaxed performance, the doors of the theatre room are open to allow the audience in and out when they want during the show. There is light in the audience and the sounds are set a bit lower than generally so everyone can enjoy it.

MANNDÝR is a participatory performance that questions Man´s role from the point of view of children. This is a beautiful performance for children aged 3 and up, and their families. 

Why does Man exist? Why does a child exist? What are they doing and why? The performance’s soundtrack consists of local children’s reflections on these questions. On stage, Aude Busson follows the children’s voices and traces a story and a reflection on Man and his relationship with the world. 

“A child is here to support the world, to have new ideas, new projects that no one has had, ideas that do not come from before but come from now for later.”  -Excerpt from the performance’s soundtrack. 

In MANNDÝR, the audience is invited into a world of exploration. A world where you explore with all your senses – alone or in a group. A world where you take the time to ask unanswered questions. A world where children tell, create and shape the whole story. 

Co-presented with Rosendal Teater


Concept and performer:Aude Busson
Stage- and costume design:Sigríður Sunna Reynisdóttir assisted by Steinunn Marta Önnudóttir
Technical assistance:Ásta Jónína Arnardóttir
Supported by:The Icelandic Department of Culture and Performing Arts Center (Iceland)

About the artists

Aude Busson is an artist who is interested in the creation of shows and events based on the participation of the public and especially with the collaboration of children and adults.

Sigríður Sunna Reynisdóttir is a set designer. She has worked on sets, costumes and puppets for numerous performances at the National Theater of Iceland, Reykjavik City Theater, Tjarnarbíó and elsewhere in recent years, in addition to producing her own stage installations. 

Björn Kristjánsson or Borko is a musician and teacher. He has worked in both theater and music for almost 20 years and has led many musical projects with children. He is notably a member of the groups: Rúnk, Skakkamanage and FM Belfast and today pursues a solo career under the name of Borko.