Extended program Full program Workshops and talks
HAVET, Rosendal Kafé
Thursday 14. September 2023 - kl.18:00
Saturday 7. October 2023 - kl.19:00
Friday 10. November 2023 - kl.19:00

When DansiT hosts a salon, there is little resemblance to the French upper-class phenomenon of the 17th and 18th centuries. But they do have something in common: conversation and a cozy seating area.

DansiT-Salong is a new curatorial framework consisting of conversations and interdisciplinary meetings with current artists, followed by time and space to dance together, with a DJ and a party. The salon delves into artists’ strong engagement with specific interests, themes, or issues, from various professional or philosophical perspectives. It’s a delightful moment for wonder, geeking out, and knowledge. And afterwards, we dance!

For the fall of 2023, we invite you to three DansiT-Salons followed by a party:

Thursday, September 14, at 6 PM at Rosendal Kafé

What is it like to be an artist with disabilities in Norway today?

For the first DansiT-Salon of the season, there will be a presentation and conversation about the knowledge report Tilgjengelige kunstnerskap? Et kunnskapsprosjekt om kunstnere med funksjonsnedsettelser i Norge (2023). It identifies driving forces and barriers for individuals with disabilities to work as professional artists. The results show that the barriers outweigh the driving forces, and the artists in this study report a near-normalized exclusion from the art field.

Joining us that evening are three of the five researchers behind the report: Tone Pernille Østern – Professor of Art Education at NTNU, Terje Olsen – Research Director at Fafo, and Elen Øyen – Producer and Dance Artist at Danselaboratoriet / DansiT. 

After the presentation and conversation, there will be “stolo” (improvisation with chairs) led by Danselaboratoriet, and funky tunes from Reggie Got Beats!

The event is a collaboration between NTNU and DansiT.

Saturday, October 7, at 7:00 PM at HAVET

“People sang, chanted, or drummed, stared at the lifelike animals around them, and perhaps got high: the cave as an ideal venue for a rave.” – Barbara Ehrenreich

In Nord-Trøndelag, one can find the largest collection of cave paintings in Norway and likely in all of Northern Europe. Researchers have stated that the cave paintings on this coastal stretch indicate that the caves were not used as dwellings but as ritual places where our distant ancestors may have used the cave and its darkness to connect with other worlds.

In connection with her ongoing project Psychedelic Cave, performing artist and choreographer Mia Habib invites you to a conversation about the cave – as a current refuge, community space, and as a ritual place connected to magical rituals.

After the conversation, there will be a cave-themed rave with playlist rider Finn Krisp until well past bedtime.

The event is a collaboration between Mia Habib Productions, HAVET, and DansiT.

Friday, November 10, at 7:00 PM at Rosendal Kafé

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Dansens År – a year that truly put dance on the agenda. The program at that time was packed with dance from north to south. It was a fantastic celebration that showcased contemporary dance.

In the past 30 years, much has happened with dance in Norway – both nationally and regionally. We have invited a group of dance artists who live and work in Trøndelag for a conversation about the development of dance in the county. As an introduction to the conversation, the Managing Director of Danseinformasjonen, Sigrid Ø. Svendal, will give a lecture named “Thirty Years in Thirty Minutes,” where we will explore the recent dance history.

The rest of the evening will be set by DJ Kitty Amore, and we will try something completely new: Dance Karaoke!

The event is a collaboration between Danseinformasjonen and DansiT and is supported by Kulturådet