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All night!
Saturday 7. October 2023 - kl.19:00


There is parking available for people with mobility impairments on the premises. The conversation is sign language interpreted.

“People sang, chanted or drummed, stared at the lifelike animals around them, and perhaps got high: the cave as an ideal venue for a rave.”

Barbara Ehrenreich

Welcome to CAVE RAVE!

Straight from the ancient caves of Leka to HAVET in Trondheim, this year’s rave will take place on October 7th in Langhuset!

Before the rave, those who wish can participate in a conversation about the cave as a historical and ritualistic place. The conversation will start at 19:00, led by choreographer and dancer Mia Habib, who is coming straight from isolation in a cave on Leka. In connection with her ongoing project, Psychedelic Cave, she invites guests to discuss the cave – as a newly relevant refuge, a communal space, and as a ritualistic place linked to magical rituals.

In Nord-Trøndelag, you can find the largest collection of cave paintings in Norway and probably in all of Northern Europe. Researchers have stated that the cave paintings on this coastline suggest that the caves were not used as dwellings but as ritual places where our distant ancestors may have used the cave and its darkness to connect with other worlds.

After the conversation, the rave kicks off – dance yourself sweaty and happy to cave-like tunes by none other than Arnfinn Killingtveit for the rest of the evening, far past bedtime, in a space developed by set designer Liam Alzafari in collaboration with Mia Habib.


At 19:00: The conversation begins and lasts for approximately 60 minutes. The conversation is interpreted in sign language.

After the conversation, you can stay in the space, enjoy delicious Indian street food from the Diverse Kitchens food truck outside, or take a refreshing dip and sauna.

At 21:00, we’ll gear up for the cave-like rave, and the rest will be history! NB: 18 years and older only.


Organizers: DansiT, HAVET Arena, and Mia Habib Productions
DJ: Arnfinn Killingtveit
Set Design: Liam Azafari

What is DansiT-salong?

Join DansiT-salong and experience artists in conversation, interdisciplinary meetings, and dance. A unique blend of scholarly inspiration and celebration!

When DansiT hosts a salon, it bears little resemblance to the French upper-class phenomenon of the 17th and 18th centuries. But they do have something in common: conversation and a comfortable sitting area.

DansiT-salong is a new curatorial framework consisting of conversations and interdisciplinary meetings with and among current artists, followed by time and space to dance together, featuring a DJ and a party. The salon delves into the artists’ strong commitment to specific interests, themes, or issues, seen from various scholarly or philosophical perspectives. A delightful moment for contemplation, nerding out, and knowledge. And afterwards, we dance!

For the fall of 2023, we invite you to three DansiT-salong with subsequent parties:

  • Thursday, September 14th, at 18:00 at Rosendal Kafé
  • Saturday, October 7th, at 19:00 at HAVET Arena
  • Friday, November 10th at 19:00 at Rosendal Kafé