Children and youth program Full program Performances
Pay what you can 75kr – 250kr
1 hour
Saturday 16. March 2024 - kl.13:00 Tickets
Saturday 16. March 2024 - kl.19:00 Tickets
Sunday 17. March 2024 - kl.13:00 Tickets
Sunday 17. March 2024 - kl.19:00 Tickets

Utopia – A dream play from Saupstad is a future-optimistic performing arts project with youths from Kolstad, which mobilizes, transforms, and gives hope that change is possible. The performance is a soul spa, a speculative fiction, an immersive utopian happening and a proposal for a new world order – nothing less!

What do people at Saupstad dream about? Utopia – A dream play from Saupstad is a project created in collaboration with the community of Sausptad/Kolstad and the local youths there. Young people are the bearers of the future, and it is therefore crucial to let their ideas, thoughts and dreams be heard and made visible.

When we are surrounded by dystopian scenarios, it feels essential to dream and to seek out utopias! Instead of becoming apathetic in the face of politicians unable to think long-term, we turn to utopias and dreams to let them stimulate our critical imagination. The belief in the imagination as something important in itself – as a vital creative force – is one of the pillars of Utopia.

Earlier in the series, Utopia – A dream play from Tøyen was co-produced by the National Theater and Black Box Teater (2021) and Utopia – A dream play from the kindergarten was co-produced by Black Box Theater (2023). In autumn 2024, Utopia – A dream play from Bodø will be created in collaboration with Stormen cultural center, Bodø Biennale and Bodø 2024.

For youths from age 16, and adults.

Presented by DansiT and Rosendal Teater


Concept, Director, Choreography & Performer Maja Roel
Artistic Right Hand & Performer Ibrahim Fazlic
Co-creating Performer Henrik Hoff Vaagen, Nina Wollny, Berit Rusten
Composer Julian Skar
Scenography and Costume Mari Hesjedal
Lighting Eirik Brenne Torsethaugen
Dramaturg Kristoffer Spender
Producer Maja Roel
Local Producer Ørjan Svingen
Co-produced by Rosendal Teater, Trøndelag Teater & DansiT
Supported by Norsk Kulturfond, Bergersenstiftelsen, FFUK, Trondheim fylkeskommune & Sparebanken SMN.
Foto: Øystein Eide