Uke 22-24 + 33-34 / 2022 + 15-16 / 2023

In the process Revisiting «Ninas Solo» Nina Wollny works with a solo she made for the piece «Debut» by Jenny Beyer Productions in 2018.

«Debut» consists of consecutive solo performances that explore the theme of audience interaction. The question is whether the soloists are able to retain their autonomy of action when faced with their audience, shrugging off descriptions such as authentic, autobiographical, commanding, unique, virtuosic. One after the other four choreographies come to life, negotiating a single individual acting in front of the many. Part of this process was also the question of ownership in dance. Does the performer own the material and choreography they made or does the creator of the concept own everything?

In Debut the performers own their Solos and Nina now takes her Solo into the studio to revisit it 3 years later. Confronting herself with this ownership and the same questions of audience interaction, autonomy, authenticity and virtuosity. But also dealing with the fact that 3 years have gone by. How does the body deal with choreography and material 3 years later? Can the Solo now somehow tell a new story, the story of a body. Nina was pregnant when she created the Solo in 2018 and performed it 7 month into the pregnancy. Revisiting «Ninas Solo» is a research into the ever evolving body. How does it change from pregnancy, giving birth, miscarriages and just time passing.

«Revisiting «Ninas Solo» is the attempt to create a dance that can take you on a journey through the inside of my body and maybe somewhere on the way you can meet a part of your own body”

Studiovisning fredag 26. august 2022 kl. 11.45

Forestilling på Rosendal Teater torsdag 25. og fredag 26. mai 2023 kl. 19