Recidency Week 38 & 39 + 48 / 2023

DansiT – Choreographic Center and Daniel Mariblanca / 71BODIES are collaborating on a new work for the companies Danselaboratoriet and Danseteateret.

The project will premiere as part of Multiplié dance festival in March 2024.

“A large part of my choreographic methodology is centered in listening. Listening intently to the personal stories of the people that I am working with. I listen with all of my senses and also to my intuition. The choreographic material will be made in collaboration, meaning that I will base the content in the specific qualities and talents of the individual as well as the group. The topics of interest and those for discussion will be discovered throughout the process, together with the team.”

Daniel Mariblanca

Welcome to a free process showing at DansiT / Svartlamon Friday 29. September at 7pm. The showing lasts for an hour followed by a short session for feedback and discussion.


Commissioned and co-produced by: DansiT – Choreographic Center / @dansitkoreografisksenter

Created by and produced by: Daniel Mariblanca and 71BODIES / @danielmariblanca & @71bodies

Choreographic assistant: Jean-Baptiste Baele

Performed by: Danselaboratoriet & Danseteateret / @danseteateret & @danselaboratoriet

About the artists

71BODIES is a transgender inclusive professional dance and performance company based in Bergen, Norway. The company was founded by Daniel Mariblanca at the beginning of his gender transition out of an urgency to both understand and document the complexities that lie within the transgender identity. 

71BODIES emphasizes diverse narratives by including essential perspectives communicated through film, photography and documentary style videography incorporated in its dance and performance productions. The uniqueness of the methodology involved with each production enhances the probability of the next, continuously evolving and leading into new productions in a sustainable way.

Danselaboratoriet & Danseteateret are two dance companies run by DansiT. The former consisting of adult dancers with functional variations and the latter of senior dancers. The companies experiment with, explore and create contemporary dance with a focus on improvisation, choreography and experimental encounters between different people through dance.