DansiT / Svartlamon
1,5 time
fredag 12. april 2024 - kl.10:00

How can we navigate gravity, and find creative opportunities while falling? In this class, Wei-An will share some of tools and ideas for entering and exiting the floor, and how to find play and enjoyment in moments of being off-balance, off-axis, and maybe a little out of control. 

About Hwa Wei-An

Wei-An has spent his whole life falling down; it’s a by-product of the belief that he can, even when he can’t – whether that meant trying to spin on his head or backflip before he was ready, or learn how to snowboard on his own. And though he may not be the best at those activities, he’s become quite good at falling. He has, in fact, built his contemporary practice around his love-hate relationship with gravity, and the connections this relationship has with the psychological state of flow. 

A street dancer turned contemporary creator, Wei-An is curious about how his background in breaking might be used to create moods and tell stories that draw the audience into the worlds of his choreography. This, together with his explorations in falling, have taken Wei-An to teach and perform in places such as Vancouver BC, Seoul, Singapore, London, Luxembourg, and more. 
Currently, he is working on a full-length solo, A Reason for Falling, commissioned by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay (Singapore).
Find out more about Wei-An’s work at or on social media @thenoisyhwa and