Residence week 25 – 26 / 2024

We welcome Sanghoon Lee to residency at DansiT / Svartlamon! He is in Trondheim with his project Sometimes directives may not work as planned. The project aims to emphasize the inherent uncertainties and complexities of our lives by providing a space to reflect on the unexpected, on misunderstandings. The central theme of this project is human fragility. For example, how easily we can slip into our own understanding when communicating with others, and how much uncertainty we have while always planning for safety. Instead of following the traditional narrative where miscommunication leads to conflict and is ultimately resolved by finding understanding and coherence, Sanghoon seeks to create a new narrative that provides a different perspective.

There will be an open studio showing on Thursday 27th of June at 10:00 at DansiT / Svartlamon. Please let producer Betty know by email: or phone: 92435225 if you are coming.

About the artists

Sanghoon Lee – Choreographer, performer

Sanghoon Lee (KOR) is a choreographer and performer from Korea who has lived in the UK and Norway, expanding his artistic perspectives. He completed his BA in Fashion education at Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea, from 2007 to 2014. Since 2011, he has worked as a costume designer and maker in drama and dance theatre. From 2015 to 2018, he took a BA in Performance Studies at Central Saint Martins in London, UK, transitioning from a costume maker to a performance maker. Recently, Sanghoon completed an MA in Choreography from the National Academy of Art in Oslo, Norway, from 2021 to 2023, after which he began working as a choreographer. His artistic voice explores human beings’ existential nature by posing fundamental questions and examining them through the relationship between language and bodily movement.

Marlene Bonnesen – Dancer

Marlene Bonnesen (DK), a dancer and performer, brings a wealth of professional experience to the project. She holds a BA/Diploma in dance and choreography from The Danish National School of Performing Arts and has completed the MA Program in Dance at KHiO. Her involvement in collectively driven projects and constellations, and her work with renowned companies such as Angels Margarit/cia Mudances, recoil performance group, GAZART, WEGO, and Running Sculptures, speaks to her credibility. She is also a co-founder and member of the space and collective Danseatelier in Copenhagen, further demonstrating her commitment to the dance community. 

Arvid Ingvarsson – Musician

Arvid Ingvarsson (SE) is a multifaceted musician, audio engineer, and composer based in Oslo. A graduate in Music from Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium, Copenhagen, and Jazz from Skurups Folkhögskola, Arvid has been a dynamic presence in various creative projects. Arvid is also a permanent member of the band New Banke, handling production and mixing duties for all their releases. Additionally, he contributed his talents to Smiling, playing, producing, and mastering most of their material released between 2019 and 2021. Recently, Arvid collaborated with Oslo-based choreographer Chriz Nypan. He was responsible for the music and sound in the dance performance «LOOP» where music was electronically improvised using dancers’ natural sounds while they were dancing. He further showcases his versatility and commitment to evolving his artistic expressions.