DansiT is a choreographic center located in Trondheim.

DansiT has a production space and an office in Svartlamon, near the city centre. In May 2019 we expanded with an office at the new Rosendal Teater in the same area, which is now the main venue for our public events. The administration is mainly working from Rosendal.

Check our facebook page and instagram for updates on DansiT’s activities.

DansiT´s administration: Arnhild Staal Pettersen, Ingeborg Dugstad Sanders, Tone Tronsdad, Arne-Sigurd Fagerli and Ásgerdur G. Gunnarsdóttir


DansiT offers activities both for the public and for dance artists. As a choreographic center, DansiT facilitates the work of professional dance artists, choreographic development and various meeting points between artists and the public. DansiT strives to give as many people as possible access to dance and choreography.

DansiT offers residency and co-production, produces various choreographic development projects, and manages the companies Danselaboratoriet and Danseteateret. DansiT hosts guest performances, organizes Multiplié Dance Festival, is a partner in the national touring network Dansenett Norge, presents dance film and is involved in various forms of collaborative projects. Rosendal Teater is DansiT’s closest partner, and we run projects and events together like our joint children’s and youth program. DansiT also offers various forms of professional development, workshops, talks etc.

DansiT’s purpose is to strengthen and develop the possibilities for the producing, performing and teaching dance, as well as promoting the position of the art form. The center works for increased activity and visibility of dance, and establishes contact between local, regional, national and international artists and organisations/institutions.


DansiT offers residency to choreographers and companies. Artists in residence will have access to the production facilities at DansiT, including the production space, artistic and administrative support from the dance consultants, and access to DansiTs technical equipment. We can also offer accommodation in Husly Artist Residency.

Availability for residency in the production space:

  1. Mon, Tue & Thur: 9 am – 4 pm
  2. Wed & Fri: 12 am – 7 pm
  3. Sat & Sun: all day

Photos of the production space:

Would you like to apply for a residency at DansiT? Please send us an application with the following content:

  1. short project summary
  2. short description/biography of the main artists involved
  3. budget/funding plan

Please specify your preference regarding residence period(s), and whether you wish accommodation in Husly. Take a look at our calendar for available periods.

DansiT can also write intentional agreements to add to your applications for funding.

If you have any questions or want to send us an application, don’t hesitate to contact Ingeborg D. Sanders at ingeborg(at)dansit.no.

Husly Artist Residency is an ecological art project made by the artist Vigdis Haugtrø and Jan de Gier, and could be described as a simple «city-cabin». It’s situated next to the production facilities of DansiT at Svartlamon in Trondheim, with a grocery store and the cafe Ramp Pub & Spiseri nearby. The house is wood-fired and the water is collected inside DansiT, where you also can use the bathroom and laundry facilities. In addition Husly has a small bathroom with a bio toilet and a sink, a living room and a small kitchen in an open space, and a mezzanine with a twin-size bed.

Photos of Husly Artist Residency:

Multiplié Dance Festival

Plié is one of the best known terms in the dance vocabulary. Translated from French to English it means «to bend». By choosing the name Multiplié, we wish to highlight the festival as an arena for bending the art of dance into new and different forms.

Multiplié Dance Festival challenges preconceptions of what dance can be and of who can perform and choreograph dance. The goal of Multiplié is to create an arena that brings people together, breaks barriers, challenges and surprises, and to build bridges between communities, cultures, bodies and age groups.

Next edition of Multiplié dance festival will be organized from 18. – 25. March 2023.

Suggestions for our program can be sent to arnhild(at)dansit.no and asgerdur(at)dansit.no

Artists Multiplié 2022: Mia Habib Productions – Filiz Sizanli – Thami Hector Manekehla / Mishi Foltyn & Per Stian Monsås – Danselaboratoriet & Danseteateret / Supernova / Akram Khan Company / Choreomundus International Master / WAUHAUS / Petrov/Ibsen/Moe / PRAXIS Trondheim / Draug Produksjoner / Chiara Bersani / Choreography/Koreografi – Tone Pernille Østern & Elen Øyen / ImproDans Trondheim / Ingri Midgard Fiksdal – Fredrik Floen – Mariama Fatou Kalley Slåttøy / Geir Hytten / Theisen/Johannesdottir/Lauvdal/Floen/Helgebostad / Trond Wiger & Arnfinn Killingtveit / Ann-Cathrin Hertling aka. DJ Kitty Amore

Dance Film

Multiplié Dance Film

Multiplié dance film is an annual dance film program presented by DansiT as a part of Minimalen Short Film Festival. The collaboration was established in 2015.

Multiplié dance film highlights different voices, bodies, and life experiences through a broad range of high quality dance films from all over the world. The program is based on the unique profile of the Multiplié Dance Festival, which explores and bends the art of dance into new, surprising and exciting forms. Through Multiplié, we seek to challenge preconceptions of what a dance film can be, or look like, and of who can perform and choreograph dance, or create dance films.

In 2022 Multiplié Dance Film expanded to include a separate Nordic dance film program, in addition to the International program.

The next edition of Minimalen Short Film Festival is in January 2023

View previous programs here!

An external jury of professionals will select a «best film» of both programs. The winners will receive a diploma and an award of 1000 euro. 

You can send in your Dance Film through FilmFreeway.

Earlybird: 01. September
Final Deadline: 01. October


DansiT was a partner in the Nordic dance film competition «60secondsdance» until 2018. 60secondsdance was an international online competition for dance films with the duration of one minute. The competition was co-produced by three partners: Loikka Kontakti / Loikka Dance Film Festival (FI), Dansehallerne/ScreenMoves (DK) and DansiT / Multiplié Dance Festival (NO).