Multiplié Dance Festival

Multiplié Dance Festival 2024 will be organized 13. – 20. April!

The Multiplié Dance Festival presents dance and choreography that stretches and bends our understanding of what dance can be and for whom. Here you will experience everything from the intimate to the grand, for both children, youth, and adults. You will meet international, national, and local dance artists in different scenes, outdoor spaces, on film screens, in exhibitions, and through conversations, workshops, and presentations. There will also be many opportunities to dance and party!

Take the opportunity to experience engaging dance and choreography in various forms, formats at surprising places.

We look forward to seeing you at the festival!


Date Performance Artists Where
13.04 Lunch Beat & lunsj Rosendal Kafé
13.04 RAW Rhythms: Come and dance! RAW Dance Studio (NO) Rosendal Teater og Rosendal Kafé
13.04 Opening Party Rosendal Kafé
13.04 – 14.04 My Body My Home 71BODIES (ES/NO) with Danseteateret & Danselaboratoriet (NO) Rosendal Teater
14.04 Altered States : From the deepest gong to the highest bell ImproDans Trondheim & SiTron Other arena*
14.04 – 20.04 a library that ( ) folds Maryam Bagheri Nesami (IRN) & Janaína Moraes (BRA) a.o. Havet / Rosendal Kafe
17.04 PRAXIS Round Table Talk PRAXIS Trondheim (NO/DE) & Sindri Runudde (SE) DansiT studio
17.04 Ameretat: A Practice of Redemption Mitra Ziaei Kia (IRN) Havet
17.04 Possibilities Shirin Frashbaf (IRN) Havet
18.04 fifty ways to leave a shape Siri Jøntvedt (NO) Rosendal Teater
18.04 DansiT-salong – Do we still need to break the norm? Siri Jøntvedt (NO), Sindri Runudde (SE) , Tone P. Østern (NO) a.o. Rosendal Kafé
19.04 Ways of arriving aRound (a) Table Maryam Bagheri Nesami (IRN), Susanna Hast (FI), Tone P. Østern (NO) a.o. Havet
19.04 – 20.04 SCORES THAT SHAPED OUR FRIENDSHIP Lucy Wilke, Paweł Duduś, Kim_Twiddle (DE) Rosendal Teater
19.04 – 20.04 Cosmetic Demons – A Choreographic Salon: Pop up version 1 & 2 Sindri Runudde (SE) Rosendal Kafé & other arena*
20.04 Kalokagathia Jonas Øren (NO) Rosendal Teater
20.04 Festival Party! Rosendal Kafe

* Arena is published on our webpages and in the festival program.



Multiplié Dance Festival was established as Trondheim Community Dance Festival in 2004 by Inclusive Dance Company in collaboration with the Culture Department of Trondheim Municipality and the Teaterhuset Avant Garden. The purpose was to provide Danselaboratoriet with a professional contemporary dance context to participate in and contribute to. Already at the next festival in 2006, the festival changed its name to Multiplié, which it has been called ever since. The festival has been held biennially, but starting from 2019, the festival is organized annually.

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