Full program Multiplié Dance Festival Workshops and talks
DansiT, Svartlamon
1 hour 30 minutes
Friday 24. March 2023 - kl.16:00

Choreomundus invites you to join in an exploration of gender, identity and consciousness

Age restriction: 18+

What constructs gender?

What constructs identity?

What constructs the awareness of ourselves?

Can our identity be compartmentalized into small fragments? Or is it like a web that connects everything together?

Students of “Choreomundus- International Master in Dance Knowledge, Practice, and Heritage” invite us to a dialogue and practice shared event around the topic of identity and gender.

The event is led by a diverse group of researchers and practitioners from different parts of the world: Taiwan, England, Bielaruss, Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, India, Iran, China. These researchers/practitioners all have different embodied experiences around the topic and are eager to question, share tools, play, and talk about it.

The workshop is part of Multiplié Dance Festival 2023


Directed by: Hung Jie Hsu

Together with: Annie Newsam. Irena Mihalkovich, Julio Maquilon Flores, Maíra Vieira Rodrigues, Marisol Limón Silicéo, Oluwaseun Godwin Usman, Parvathi Muthuswamy, Simindokht Shakeri & Xindi Cao