DansiT / Svartlamon
fredag 27. september 2024 - kl.10:00
fredag 18. oktober 2024 - kl.10:00

Exploring and learning about the human body and how the different parts collaborate can have an interesting effect on our presence, perception and therefore on our movement. Opening our body to this heightened state of awareness can enrich, strengthen and inspire the way we dance. The class will be based on one topic from a small simple detail to bigger connections within the human organism. The topic will be explored in different ways like conversation free physical exploration and guided exercises. We will also explore some of the topics in connection with a partner taking care of yourself to take care of each other and learning about your own body through the other. The class gradually moves into accumulating a movement phrase, that plays with all levels of space, speed, flow and the forces that move us. In the second class we will take a similar starting point and then move into more free-and set-partner explorations. 

Om Nina Wollny

Nina Wollny studied modern and contemporary dance at the Rotterdam Dance Academy, now Codarts, in the Netherlands. After her graduation in 2002 she joined the company anoukvandijk dc and has worked there as dancer, rehearsal director and artistic assistant for more than 10 years. Since 2012 Nina is working with different choreographers in Europe amongst others she is regularly performing and collaborating with German choreographer Jenny Beyer at Kampnagel in Hamburg, Germany. In Norway she works with Mia Habib Productions, BodyCartographyProject and others. Nina started teaching when she was 15 as a way to deepen her own understanding of dance. In 2004 she became a Countertechnique teacher and has taught those classes and workshops in many different places until 2021. Now she is following her own interests in sharing movement and dance and how it relates to the form and function of the body, through a process that is not looking for a solution or a universal answer. But rather exploring a practice of finding questions together and letting them resonate in movement and vibrate in our bodies.