DansiT / Svartlamon
fredag 20. september 2024 - kl.10:00

In this workshop we want to share exercises, ideas and movement tasks we developed during our creation of Fabulation. This workshop aims to resensitize our connection to dancing. We will dive into improvisation tasks connected to the idea of mimesis to find ways to dance together through the interconnections of ideas, form and listening. We will start the day with a soft warm up and continue our physical exploration thought improvisation tasks and games.

Om Bára Sigfúsdóttir og Orfee Schuijt

Bára Sigfúsdóttir (b. 1984, Reykjavík, Iceland) is a dancer and choreographer, based in Oslo.

Bára´s artistic work explores themes relating to the human being in interconnection with nature and society. Starting from significant topics, she explores ways of zooming in on them through the moving body in a poetic, human, detailed and vivid manner.

Bára always works with the process of improvisation as a point of departure from where she develops musical and multi-layered choreographic material. She frequently collaborates with artists who inspire her from other art fields.

Bára´s performances On the other side of a sand dune, The Lover, TIDE, ‘being’, FLÆÐI, FLÖKT and Fabulation have been presented at national and international venues and festivals, including Reykjavik Arts festival, Venice Biennale, Ice-Hot Nordic Dance Platform, Tanzmesse, Performatik festival, Theaterfestival, Moving Futures festival, Theater Aan Zee and Julidans amongst others. In 2015 The Lover was selected for the Circuit X network, which enabled it to tour extensively in Flanders and the Netherlands. The Lover received 6 nominations for the Icelandic Performing arts Awards in 2019, where Bára was awarded ‘Choreographer of the Year’ and ‘Dancer of the Year’ in Iceland.

Orfee Schuijt (FR/NL) is a dancer and choreographer based in Oslo Norway. 

She combines multidisciplinary interests in her artistic practice. Her work dives into the sensuous relationship between animated and inanimated bodies. Tracing connections between different artistic fields.

She danced in the productions of Eivind Seljeseth, Janne Camilla Lyster, Heine &Yukiko Avdal and Francesco Scavetta. She collaborated with the Norwegian experimental pop singer Jenny Hval between 2017 and 2020, touring internationally, and creating performative concerts and exhibitions. Her own work, Thing Power and Fabulation has been shown in international venues and festivals such as Blackbox Teater, Oslo, Rimi/Imir Stavanger, Weld Stockholm, Ehkå Spring roll Festival in Turku, Rosendal teater in Trondheim. She was, together with Bára Sigfúsdóttir, nominated as ‘Choreographer of the year’ for her work Fabulation from the Icelandic performing arts Award in 2023.