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Rosendal Teater - Sal 2
4 hours
Sunday 19. March 2023 - kl.12:00

An exclusive workshop with Claire Cunningham 

In this workshop, Claire Cunningham will introduce the participants to techniques that are formative in her own performance practice and when working collaboratively with other dancers and with different bodies – building methods of communication and trust, layers of perception, and exploring the use of language and voice to reveal our relationship to our bodies and vocabulary. Permission to speak is focused on process, rather than results or product.

The workshop is aimed at individuals with established dance or physical practice, with and without disabilities. Please let us know in advance if you have any access requirements. The workshop will last around 4 hrs and has a capacity of between 10-14 people.

To sign up, please email: asgerdur@dansit.no

The performance is part of Multiplié Dance Festival 2023

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By and with Claire Cunningham

Photo: Un-Label Performing Arts
Photographer: Almuth Elhardt

www.clairecunningham.co.uk / Facebook: ClaireCunninghamProjects / Twitter+Instagram: @clairecprojects