2. april 2022 - kl.14:00 2 timer Gratis Sted: LKV - Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder Fullt program Kurs og samtaler Multiplié dansefestival

ImproLab inkluderer en verksteddel med gitte øvelser og en åpen Jam som lekeplass for bevegelse og lydutforskning. ImproLab er et gratis arrangement støttet av Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder, Kulturrådet & DansiT

ImproDans Trondheim tilbyr et åpent, fritt og trygt rom for dans og musikkimprovisasjon. ImproLab er et improvisasjonslaboratorium for kunstnere fra alle disipliner og hele miljøet av bevegelses- og lydentusiaster i Trondheim. Laben foreslår kreative tilnærminger til ulike emner som kan utforskes tverrfaglig gjennom improvisasjon. ImproLab’ene våren 2022 finner sted i samarbeid med nye billedkunstnere med base på Lademoen Kunsterverksteder.

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Kunstnerisk leder ImproDans Trondheim: Anna Thu Schmidt

Invitert visuell kunstner/musiker: Per Stian Monsås

Støttet av: Kulturrådet, FFUK, Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder og DansiT

Om kunstnerne 

Anna Thu Schmidt is a dance artist with a focus on dance improvisation, interdisciplinary projects, site-specific work and integrated dance. Since 2017 Anna has been based in Trondheim after living and working in Indonesia, the Netherlands, and Germany. Her work is inspired by the cultures and natural environments she lives in and the connection and communication between humans. Her interest in the relation of dance to other arts leads to international collaborations and research on the intertwinement of dance and installation art and its effect on the viewer. Anna is part of the dance company Danselaboratoriet, leads Samtidsdans for voksne and started up Praxis Trondheim. One of her main projects is ‘How to read water’.



Per Stian Monsås draws his inspiration from the surrounding environment and experiences connected to everyday life. In the mundane, he tries to find those hidden gems that makes life interesting and highlights them through abstraction. Within his material and spatial practice, this abstraction can present itself as a wide variety of expressions. His work aims to cultivate experiences that can connect, and shared between, the viewer/participant and the work.

Monsås (b. 1990) graduated with a MFA from Trondheim Academy of Fine Art. His work has been commissioned for Hurtigruten (2018) and REV Ocean (2020). He was bestowed the Debutant Award at the 45th Trøndelags Exhibition in 2021. Monsås lives and works in Trondheim.


UNTITLED NOISE (2022) is the materialised phenomena of static noise in analog video and television. This noise, which most of us has seen in one way or an other, has many names and interpretations around the world. It is a testament to how our imagination and creativity is deeply rooted in us both individually and collectively through our different cultures. Our inventiveness have made this electronic noise that is accidentally picked up by the antenna to be snow, anthills, rain and sand storms. By bringing it out to the three-dimensional realm, the aim is to connect to this imaginative landscape in a more bodily way. Once more is this mesmerising random noise object for interpretations. It is here to celebrate our creativeness and to open up for finding new meaning for something familiar, presented in an unfamiliar way.

The ImproLab takes inspiration from the artwork UNTITLED NOISE and translates it into body movements and sounds. The event includes a workshop part with set exercises followed by an open jam as a playground for diverse artistic expressions. The ImproLab is held in English by dance artist Anna Thu Schmidt in collaboration with visual artist Per Stian Monsås.

ImproDans Trondheim offers an open, free, and safe space for movement and sound exploration and a playful approach to improvisation. ImproLab is an improvisation laboratory for artists from all disciplines and the community of movement and sound enthusiasts in Trondheim. The ImproLab’s in spring 2022 take place in collaboration with emerging visual artists based at Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder. Here we propose creative approaches to different topics that can be explored interdisciplinary through improvisation.

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