1. mars 2019 - kl.17:00 1,5 time 100 Kurs og samtaler

Jerahuni: «Jera» means to dig and «huni» is firewood, which artistically means molding and giving life to junk until it becomes the most meaningful piece of art. The dance technique allows you to investigate deeper about self/identity and the way you move, and to gain the know-how of the roots of movements. Mclntosh’s dance class introduces dance in various forms with emphasis on the Zimbabwean identity, finding new possibilities and breaking limitations.


About Mcintosh Jerahuni

McIntosh Jerahuni is a musician, dancer and a choreographer from Zimbabwe. He has established the Jerahuni Movement Factory with free dance classes to those interested in moving. He believes that the physical expressions give outlet to spiritual and emotional undercurrents that are entirely ignored in other dance forms. As a former dancer, choreographer and artistic director of Tumbuka Dance Company, he is moved by the mindset of exploring the body itself using his Jerahuni-technique without any judgement of our bodies, its abilities and disabilities.