Full program Multiplié Dance Festival Workshops and talks
Rosendal Teater - Sal 2
2 hours
Sunday 19. March 2023 - kl.17:00 Billetter

Travel through space and time – experience your body through a new dimension!

Call for fellow time travelers and interdimensional entities!

We are opening an intergalactic portal where we will stretch our bodies through time and space approaching the event horizons to the multiversal worm holes in the center of your internal galaxy. Join us on this supersonic journey through the mind warp and discover your sparkly connection to your star dust origins.

We come in peace. Do you?

Free tickets

The workshop is part of Multiplié Dance Festival 2023

About the artists

(Untranslatable) appears as an ultra plasma being that for the occasion will mind meld in a symbiotic manner with the meat bag formerly known as Arnfinn Killingtveit (some form of human artist residing in Trondheim).  The Arnfinn being has previously worked with various expressions, like music, sound art, installations, and performance.  I, (Untranslatable), have worked on stuff your brain will not in any way comprehend so there is no need to try to describe it to you as your head would simply explode.  On this special day of the ImproLab though, we will together be mainly focused on the sonic domain, as it is more compatible with your pathetic human senses.  

Anna Thu Schmidt is a dance artist with a focus on dance improvisation, interdisciplinary projects, site-specific work, and integrated dance. As an active sun worshiper, stargazer and full moon ritualist, she feels one with the universe and loves to invite people on journeys into their inner worlds. 

ImproDans Trondheim offers an open, free, and safe space for movement and sound exploration and a playful approach to improvisation. ImproLab is an improvisation laboratory for artists from all disciplines and the community of movement and sound enthusiasts in Trondheim.


Artistic Director ImproDans Trondheim: Anna Thu Schmidt

Guest artist / Musician: Arnfinn Killingtveit

Supported by: Kulturdirektoratet, FFUK, Trondheim Kommune, DansiT

Photo: Freddi Schnellinger