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LKV - Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder
2 hours
Tuesday 21. March 2023 - kl.19:00 Billetter

Gjestekurator Maryam Bagheri Nesami presenterer et alternativt rammeverk for kunstnere som lever under risiko

As an extension to the Multiplié dance festival,  folded possibilities is an ongoing process. The project asks:  how is it possible to be an artist and live with risk? This question is made even more urgent today, when our living is conditioned by local and global challenges such as climate change, war, migration, pandemy, and socio-economic falls. The project experiments with practices of curation and choreography to propose sustainable modes of artistic citizenship, co-habiting with risk. 

This year folded possibilities consists of two performative events including Walk & Talk and aRound Table.

This event is part of Multiplié Dance Festival 2023

Read more about aRoundtable which is a part of folded possibilities

Walk & Talk – 21. Mach, 19:00-21:00 @Lademoen Kunstnerverksted

3 Trondheim-based dance artists encountered 3 non-dance artists at risk (fribyforfattere-kunstnere). In their process of co-walking and co-talking, they have experimented with possibilities of together-ness despite different grounds of knowledge.They have used poetry, painting, dance, text, sounds and music to find a common ground and different languages of communication (text, dance, sound, light, etc.)

Credits – Walk & Talk:

Curated and directed by Maryam Bagheri Nesami

Fellow Wayfarers: Asieh Amini, Xindi Cao, Montaser Abdelmawgood, Marjan Poursharifi, Nina Wollny, Venla Niitemaa

In friendship with: Janaína Moraes