3. september 2015 - kl.09:30 2 hours 100 kr / Free (PRODA-members). See Registration and prices for special offers! Sted: DansiT Kurs og samtaler PRODA

Tale Dolven and Gabel Eiben will layer text with movement in this exciting Bastard workshop!

In their previous performance You’re welcome they developed games as ways of creating material. Movements function as spatial moves in the game, resulting in impromptu choreography. Text will be practiced through the in-ear method (listening and talking at the same time), and the same will be used for movements – seeing and copying. By adding performers and tasks to this practice, an entire network is created of influences. Finally, everyone will depend on each other, and the goal of ones own performance is in facilitating the other participants performance.

Please bring earbuds (øretelefoner)!

Tale Dolven and Gabel Eiben are performing their piece That catastrophe is a fire at the Bastard festival.

Registration and prices

Please register by sending an e-mail with name and contact info to eivind@dansit.no within the 2nd of September!


  1. Normal: 100 kr / free (PRODA-members)
  2. Performance & Workshop: Show us your ticket for That catastrophe is a fire at Bastard and pay only 50 kr!
  3. 3 for 2: Take part in all three BASTARD SPESIAL!-workshops and pay only 200 kr!

The workshops are open to performing artists (such as dancers and actors) and artists from other genres with interest for and experience from movement work. PLEASE NOTE: The different workshops require different experience level, but don’t hesitate to ask us if you are unsure of your qualification. PRODA-members are of course welcome in all workshops, and art students are welcome to apply for participation.

About Tale Dolven and Gabel Eiben

Tale Dolven and Gabel Eiben started making work together last year with their playful trio You’re welcome. Dolven has her background in dance from Rosas, whilst Eiben is a performer in the New York based theatre group Nature Theater of Oklahoma. In their work they are looking for a co-existence of dance and theater that excludes the importance of either genre. Their work hopes to inspire appreciation of nothing and everything. They are premiering their new piece That catastrophe is a fire at this year’s Bastard festival.