19. september 2019 - kl.11:00 60 min Free Sted: Lademoen park Fullt program Kurs og samtaler

Join an alternative run and experience the extacy that movement can give. Can running be dance? How can we experience the patterns and the rhythm of the body when running?

We will meet up outside the man entrance of Lademoen church. Bring running shoes!

Rannei Grenne performs in Deep Field by Ingrid Fiksdal during Bastard 2019

The session suits everyone who would like to spark their day with an hour of alternative running.

About Rannei Grenne

Rannei Grenne (b. 1987 in Skaugdalen, Norway) is educated from Skolen for Samtidsdans 2008-2010 and has a BA i dance from Dans och Cirkushögskolan 2010-2013. Grenne is based in Oslo, and works as a performer for e.g. Ingri Fiksdal («STATE» in 2016, «Diorama» in 2017 and «Deep Field» in 2018), Marie Nikazm Bakken/Fredrik Floen («Kongsemnerne» in 2015 and «Fru Inger til Østeråt» i 2018), Bente Alice Westgård («Stars in a piece with no name» in 2017 and Dødsprosjektet in 2019). She has collaborated with Solveig Styve Holte since 2015 («FF» in 2016 and «Flakkande røynd» in 2018/2019) and has taught dance at Høyskolen for Dansekunst and PRODA Sør-Trøndelag. Grenne received Statens Kunstnerstipend for younger artists in 2019.

Prices and registration

This session is free for everybody!

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